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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A great simple way to help you relax !

Open palm ritual for relaxation:

I was looking for something really easy to do to relax & came across this. Very easy to do & extremely effective.

1: Open your hands in front of you, palms facing up. Relax them. Notice the effect this has on the rest of your body. Other parts of you start un-clenching as you release your grip on life. Your jaw un-clenches, shoulders drop, stomach relaxes and buttocks un-clench.

2: Welcome the unknown. Invite new inspiration, new beginnings, new understanding and new adventures into the palms of your open, spacious, relaxed hands.

3: Intimately feel the pulsating energy that now swirls in ever increasing circles in the palms of your hands.

4: Sense you are connecting to something greater than yourself. A feeling of being supported.

5: The more open and spacious your hands the more open and spacious your thoughts, body and life becomes. Your hands have created the space for support and inspiration to flow your way. You are now connected to the pulse, rythum and heart beat of the universe.

Trusting it brings a little pocket of peace into your day as it often does for me

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ever dream of owing a castle?

My friend Nancy had recently bought a cluster house around Bukit Timah. It cost $3.15 million. Not a bad price for something that's freehold & in that area. That's until lunch yesterday

A group of us meet up once in a while to catch up & lunch is the perfect time. All of us either had stopped working, retired or have never worked haha... Anyway Nancy was telling us about this new purchase & the renovation etc.... We were having a good time, giving her some ideas of where to buy stuff then Mary brought up what 3million can buy else where.

Sigh .... the Iphone is seriously changing how we communicate. She punch a few keys & voila this appear! It's a castle in France going for only $2.92 million SGD !!! We were all impressed! Have this strange feeling of, "....hey .... I could easily afford that !" Truth is, these friends of mine all have overseas properties, but a castle ???? Now that's on a whole different level!

After a little dreaming,  as usual we get back down to earth. How to maintain something like this? The maintenance will bleed one dry, unless money falls from the sky ...haha. Well no harm dreaming right?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Famous local celebrity chef Sam Leong @ Forest Restaurant : Equarius Hotel

Recently a friend visited me & she wanted to go Sentosa so, I brought her there. Ok I'm not a fan of Sentosa. I always find it too far, hot & humid. But there's many fine dining there so .... Anyway, I decided to bring her to a restaurant I've not been to before: Forest Restaurant @ Equarius Hotel. 

Another friend drove us there. The entrance into Sentosa is $7- ....hmmm.... maybe to stop everyone from making Sentosa too crowded, & it's working  Anyway we found Equarius Hotel, parked & went to the restaurant. We didn't book before hand, lucky for us, it just opened so it's not crowded yet. We chose this place, because it's Famous local celebrity chef Sam Leong first venture into business after he left Tung Lok Group. So I thought must go support a bit lah. I like to support local talents.

I really like the ambience of the place. High ceiling ,very relaxing. The food comes in small interesting portions. Love the appetizers - very good. You can tell he put much thought into each one. Only complain is, it takes too long in between each course. I guess it's fine if the group is there to chit chat & hang out. But if you are in a hurry, you need to remind them to speed it up. We did & sure enough, it's better. However the service staff is not attentive enough, they don't seem to be very experienced. It's certainly hard to find good help these days.

Anyway we get to see Sam Leong cooking through the glass kitchen, which is nice. I think that's him ...haha... Took a few pictures of him :) 
Will I come back again? Sure ,but this time I'll make sure to tell them not to space out each course from the start.
This is the menu.

I like this, foie gras & king crab meat in cone

Tiger prawn is delicious & mushrooms

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Finally joined Facebook !

After years of resisting, I've finally decided to give in and join Facebook. Not necessarily because I want to be part of the fad, mind you, but because someone I went to college with, divorced her husband of 20 years, and is now marrying her EX-husband's best friend, and both these guys were from our same college too! So now I'm seriously wondering what the rest of the gang is up to.

I created an account, uploaded a recent photo of myself (a glamor shot I just did & is ready to see what all the fuss is about. I sort of expect everyone I went to college with to have gained weight, but it appears the exact opposite of that happened. Now I'm glad I had went for my botox & threading treatments, took Garbaslim (fat burner ) regularly before my picture was taken.

Hmmm... & guess what, I've been invited to join many strange games. But who has time for that when there's shopping to be done  Oh....I'm going for dinner with a group of them tonight. Can't wait :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Losing memory ?

I had lunch appointment with a friend yesterday. Reached the restaurant early & texted her, just in case. Thank goodness I did that cos' she had totally forgot about our appointment! Lucky she's living in Orchard & within 20 mins she appeared barely dressed with uncombed hair. Asked her what's with her memory, hope she's not losing it.

She said: "Forget memory- you get to my age it's all about teeth or hair ! "
And she's only 3 years older !

Friday, September 9, 2016

Lunch @ Chikuyotei Japanese Restaurant

I had lunch at Chikuyotei Japanese Restaurant the other day. My friend kept snapping pictures at the food. This has become a thing hasn't it? Everyone is doing that. I was telling her, how can you enjoy the food when you are concentrating on taking it's picture & then sms it to everyone else.

She looked at me as if I'm from somewhere else, & reasoned:"Goodness, we are lunching at Inter-continental's Chikuyotei Japanese Restaurant, the world should know! "
To be honest, she has a point, it's one of my favorite restaurant, & they are seriously very good. Maybe the world should know! OK, if you can't beat them, join them:) Below are the ones I snapped. By the way, it's as good as it looks !

Address: 80 Middle Road, #01-01 Intercontinental Singapore, 188966